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Tuesday, november 10, 2020 – 5:00PM CENTRAL TIME

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Battery Transportation Safety – Is the System Adequately Prepared?

A booming E-commerce industry, combined with spectacular advancements in rechargeable battery technology and high consumer demand, has led to significant increases in safety incidents in the battery supply chain. These events have occurred across modes of transportation: ship, rail, truck, and (in particular) aviation. Aviation presents unique challenges that make battery incidents a significant hazard and risk to both passenger and cargo operations. These incidents have caused significant disruption and even loss of aircraft and crew.

This webinar will explore the chemistry of lithium-ion batteries and their associated hazards, including how and why failure occurs. We will consider how failure impacts the battery design lifecycle and the global battery supply chain. We will discuss activities to minimize or mitigate these risks and conclude in a Q&A session with Dr. Tom Chapin, Vice President, Research at Underwriters Laboratories.


J. Thomas Chapin, Ph.D.
UL Corporate Fellow
Vice President, Research
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Dr. Chapin is a UL William Henry Merrill Society Corporate Fellow and past chairman of the UL Fire Council.  Tom currently focuses on emerging technologies, safety trends, plastics aging, failure and forensic analysis, fire dynamics and the “evolving” definition of safety.

Tom joined UL in 2001 after a 21-year career at AT&T Bell Laboratories and three years at The Upjohn Co.  He has 17 patents and made over 300 domestic and international technical presentations and 150 publications in chemistry, materials and polymer science.

Chapin received his BS in Chemistry with Honors in 1974 from the University of Connecticut and a Ph.D. in Polymer Science in 1977 from the Institute of Materials Science at the University of Connecticut.

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