Thermal Test


  • How can we protect people and components from that heat?
  • What is thermal runaway and what does heat have to do with it?


Thermal Test

Age Group

Middle School


Electrical Power

Completion Time

3 Class Periods

Summary of Lab

Safety Engineers follow a set of standards when evaluating products and components for safety. Standards are rigorous requirements that determine performance, may establish size or shape or capacity of a product, process, or system. As examples, standards help ensure the same size screw can be purchased anywhere in the world, that a light bulb bought at any store fits a socket in anyone's home, and plugs for electrical appliances fit outlets. With standards, our homes, workplaces, and public buildings are safer from collapse, fire, and explosion.

In this Investigation student groups will use their hoverboard enclosure with the battery pack installed as it was designed in Investigation 2 to determine if the heat transmission through the enclosure, as well as the heat generated inside the enclosure, meet safety standard requirements for thermal performance.