A friend and mentor to all Xplorers!

A friend and mentor to all Xplorers!

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Ken Boyce is, without a doubt, one of the must humble and genuine people we have ever met.  As a professional engineer, Mr. Boyce’s accomplishments read like a list of achievements the likes of which many engineers can only imagine.  But to meet him is to learn from him, and to learn that there is a quality of being that inspires us to continuously strive for greatness.

We are honored and proud to say that this 33-year veteran of UL is not only a mentor to junior and senior staff alike, but is also a person who values the importance of education.  Boyce was absolutely integral in the development of Xplorlabs and in the creation of our first module, Portable Electrical Power, and we know that his passion for engineering is matched only by his commitment to safety.  As one of the lead engineers to help create a UL standard for devices such as hoverboards, Boyce’s knowledge is seen every time a student, teacher, or future engineer Xplores our module and learns about lithium-ion batteries.

What makes Ken so unique is his ability to be approachable to all who seek his advice and wisdom.  His qualities as a leader are what we most cherish, and we hope that future Xplorers can learn from the many contributions he gave to the world of safety science and engineering.

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