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Solve real problems through science and engineering and become part of the movement to make the world a safer place.

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Engaging the Next Generation
of Real-World Problem Solvers

With UL Xplorlabs, we push, pull, smash, and set fire to every limit in order to solve real-world safety science problems and set the safety standards that will change tomorrow. All while adhering to the standards of today. Every research-based, teacher-tested UL XplorLabs element aligns with key Next Generation Science Standards.

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Fire Forensics: Claims and Evidence

How do claims and evidence support the process of forensics in fire investigation? There’s been a fire. Your students’ job will be to solve the case, to figure out where the fire started (point of origin) and how (cause)? To do this your students must learn the basic science of fire -- how it behaves and the evidence it leaves left behind, and then apply that knowledge to solve the case.

Portable Electrical Power

From hoverboards to cell phones, portable electrical power makes life as we know it possible. But it can come with some dangerous possibilities. Let's investigate, experiment and search for solutions.

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Extend the Learning

Extend the learning! Through the Portable Power Challenges, students will design a solution for an engineering problem through an evidence-based, collaborative, and socially driven process.

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A small action each night can make a substantial difference - and may even save your life! Make a 900 degree difference in your home and community.


Teachers and students need opportunities to connect with practicing engineers and scientists who engage in the process of asking questions about phenomena and design every day. It is impressive and exciting that an institution like UL wants to engage students in the work they do and show students the careers that exist in the STEM field. That is what makes this project and space created by UL invaluable.

Kelly Keena, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Principal at Blue Lotus Consulting & Evaluation, Former Science Teacher and Instructional Coach