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Solve real problems through science and engineering and become part of the movement to make the world a safer place.

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With UL Xplorlabs, we push, pull, smash, and set fire to every limit in order to solve real-world safety science problems and set the safety standards that will change tomorrow. All while adhering to the standards of today. Every research-based, teacher-tested UL XplorLabs element aligns with key Next Generation Science Standards.

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With so much great information readily available for your students, we want to provide you with all the necessary information on how you can get started with Xplorlabs right away! Xplor some of the facts about our modules and learn how you can take the entire Xplorlabs Xperience from the website to your classroom, through our Toolkit.

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Fire Forensics: Claims and Evidence

How do claims and evidence support the process of forensics in fire investigation? There’s been a fire. Your students’ job will be to solve the case, to figure out where the fire started (point of origin) and how (cause)? To do this your students must learn the basic science of fire -- how it behaves and the evidence it leaves left behind, and then apply that knowledge to solve the case.

Portable Electrical Power

From hoverboards to cell phones, portable electrical power makes life as we know it possible. But it can come with some dangerous possibilities. Let's investigate, experiment and search for solutions.

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Extend the Learning

Extend the learning! Through the Portable Power Challenges, students will design a solution for an engineering problem through an evidence-based, collaborative, and socially driven process.

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Latest News

UL Xplorlabs 2018 Look Back and 2019 Look Ahead

2018 was an extreme year for UL Xplorlabs! We launched a second science module – Fire Forensics: Claims and Evidence – and expanded the first module – Portable Electrical Power – to more schools and classrooms. The program received positive feedback from many of you and are using your insights to develop the next module and future content. Keep reading for a recap of 2018 and to find out what’s on the horizon for 2019. Awards In 2018, UL Xplorlabs was named a “Best EdTech of 2018” from Common Sense Education for giving students the opportunity to design and test solutions to actual safety problems. The program is honored among 20 other great learning tools! This award caps off a great year in which UL Xplorlabs was also named a finalist in EdTech Digest’s EdTech Awards in the Cool Tool category. New Tools Last year UL Xplorlabs released a toolkit to simplify the integration of Xplorlabs modules into your curriculum:

  • UL Xplorlabs Video – A dynamic video that provides an overview of the platform to help you quickly share and explain Xplorlabs to your colleagues and students
  • FAQ – Frequently asked questions to help you better understand Xplorlabs and how to implement the modules in your classroom
  • Overview of the Fire Forensics Module – If you are new to the Fire Forensics module, this resource is for you! The overview provides a summary of the different elements in the module and what learning tools and resources are available.
  • Teacher Guides – The teacher guides for Portable Electrical Power and Fire Forensics: Claims and Evidence provide an in-depth look at each module, and serve as a road map of the individual sections and supporting content.
  • Supplies Available in Amazon Cart – Because we know how busy you are, we created Amazon shopping lists for Portable Electrical Power and Fire Forensics: Claims and Evidence. With just one click, you can purchase nearly all of the supplies needed to run the Classroom Investigations (under $100 per module).
Easier access to videos We heard you loud and clear – YouTube is hard to access in your classrooms. We migrated all of UL Xplorlabs video content hosted on the website over to a new video platform called Cloudflare, and based on your feedback, we know that the videos now play successfully on your school computers. The videos are still available on YouTube, where you have the option of closed-captioning to add video transcripts to the screen. NSTA UL Xplorlabs will be back at NSTA’s national conference April 11-14, 2019, in St. Louis. Be sure to stop by the booth or visit with the Xplorlabs team during the sessions! More information coming soon. NASA We love how so many organizations provide free, high-quality lesson plans and programs for science teachers. NASA created a STEM Learning Teacher Guide , a science lesson on the X-57 Maxwell Electric Airplane, which incorporates the UL Xplorlabs Portable Electrical Power module! This is a great option to allow your students to dive deeper into the science and engineering behind lithium-ion batteries. ICYMI: Free Technology for Teachers Webinar UL Xplorlabs partnered with Free Technology for Teachers to record a webinar about the Fire Forensics module. The webinar focuses on the ideas of inquiry-based learning and how they are applied to the module. It is a great overview of how you can use the Fire Forensics module in your classroom. Get Social With Us Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest UL Xplorlabs news and STEM resources.

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Xtraordinary Educator

I teach in a rather small rural/suburban school with about 300 students in the high school. As a small school we are on a rather tight school budget when it comes to affording materials. As I was preparing the curriculum for the classes, I was told about your website and thought it would be a good chance for my students. As I worked thru the website myself, I thought it would take two class periods for the students to fully complete. WAS I wrong! As the students got into the lab, they grew more involved in what they were doing. Of the 44 students I have this year, everyone said they enjoyed the chance to learn and then apply what they had been shown in what amounted to a real life situation. This has been a great addition to my lessons. I plan on using this lab for as long as I teach forensics and this lab is available to my students. Keep up the great work. It is because of support like yours that I am able to do what I do and my students are so engaged.

Steven Harshfield - Science Department Chairman, Sequoyah High School (Go Eagles!)